Rene is the founder, designer and author of Absorb the Glow.  Her catch phrase ‘You are what you absorb…physically and emotionally’ is what prompted the name of her blog ‘ABSORB THE GLOW’.

Rene set up this blog to support women who are looking for information to support them through the ageing process and help empower women to be their best selves…starting with healing the body through nutrition and movement and helping them create energy and life force to transform their thoughts and emotions.  This in turn has a positive effect on their relationship with themselves, as well as their partners and friends (and their larger community).  It all begins with the gut and our choices.  Not only gut health, but gut instincts too.

In our modern society, health seems to go like this:

Toxic body = toxic gut = toxic cells = toxic mind = toxic thoughts = toxic emotions = inflammation = disease!

So, be conscious and aware and Absorb the GLOW!!!  It’s out there waiting for you and available to EVERYONE!